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Justin Alex Paramanandan

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Sydney, NSW
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Welcome to Coding for Me. This is a blog where I write down notes, tips and thoughts in my everyday life as a tech consultant in Sydney.

Being a tech consultant means I get to learn new things day in, day out. At times, I tend to discover things which others might find useful as well. Hence, the reason why this site exists!

I try to put in as much information as possible to how I resolve/fix/accomplish specific tasks. At other times, it can be very simplified and straight to the point (like notes taken during a university lecture).

Life as a Consultant

I've been in the IT industry ever since I graduated university in 2010. Since my first role as a support engineer in ServiceRocket, I've been exposed to the Atlassian ecosystem (most notably Jira). Despite my love for programming during my university years, I found out that I was even more interested in what Atlassian has to offer. Up until now, that's where I have been.

Being in the Atlassian ecosystem has exposed me to many different areas, mainly:

  • Linux
  • Web proxies (nginx, Apache)
  • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Groovy scripting (my main playground with ScriptRunner)

I'm sure there's a lot more to explore in this ecosystem, thus my excitement every day when I wake up and raring to start my day!

Of course, I didn't only spend my entire career in ServiceRocket. You can view my CV for a history lesson: Justin's CV

Back at Home


Outside work, playing games and mobile photography are my interests. Once in a while, I get to escape the real world and indulge myself in some Steam or Playstation gaming. If you're interested to know what I've been playing, you can track my playing history from Exophase:


I don't have a dedicated photography site, but I mainly use Instagram as my social photo bucket. Ever since I started owning a Pixel 2 XL, I decided to start photo capturing as much as possible. Granted, there won't be much photos as I don't randomly point and shoot everything, but my main focus is to capture some of the most random and beautiful things I see day by day:


If ever you need to keep in touch, you can drop me an email at me@justinalex.com. You can also DM me @Twitter.